What is the Ministry of Culture doing? The minister was very busy and did not have time to pay attention to the media chaos. But Li Yongde had time to go south to present awards

【Ogre, sean huang; Special investigation report manuscript, taipei】

What is the Ministry of Culture doing? The minister was very busy and did not have time to pay attention to the media chaos. But Li Yongde had time to go south to present awards

In recent years, Taiwan has been mired in media chaos for 20 years! Obviously how incompetent the government is, it may listen to shameless elements or people who do not know how to pretend to understand. In addition to simply repealing the relevant laws and regulations, it also abolished the original authorities directly under the industry.

In this regard, the reporter took the initiative to contact the Minister of Culture Li Yongde at the end of last year, and the secretary replied repeatedly that “he is in a meeting”; it made people wonder what meeting was so important, and he was unwilling to discuss how to deal with the media news. square.

Later, the answer was revealed. The minister was very busy and had to go to the south to present awards. Even if there was an epidemic, the minister would have to wear a mask to attend; if this is not a show, what is a show? I asked the Minister to take the time to answer the call, but the Minister is so big that he made people wait for a day, and if he didn’t answer or he didn’t answer, he didn’t say a word.

What is exaggerated is that not to mention the fact that the quality of life, state, industry, and economic environment have not improved significantly in the past 22 years of party rotation. The so-called “improvement” and “reform” are just like shouting “party, government, and military withdraw from the media” and “news.” “Freedom” is nothing but a “slogan.” In addition, civil servants don’t know much about various industries. Due to their ignorance and bad habits, they would rather wait for the experience of other countries in the world than take the challenge and try to be the leader.

It is showing that there are indeed many problems in party politics, especially the lack of experience in the ruling team. It is fundamentally difficult to deal with the problems properly, let alone to improve the well-being of the people. Repeatedly, repeatedly claimed that “it takes time”, but in fact it is. Put the problem into a mess, and will never give up until the last minute is full of complaints.

In order to seize power and govern, political parties can get a share of the pie and allow themselves to do things well, but they are unwilling to help the people. It is really just an illusion to verify that the hope that the government can work together and invest more resources. However, the political parties are happy to manipulate the media that is not regulated today, and seem to have forgotten the existence of the Constitution of the Republic of China. The reporter’s right to interview it defended is to prevent the current power holders from acting arbitrarily.

In fact, the current democratic society is another kind of totalitarian dictatorship; the implementation of laws and regulations is only effective for honest and serious people. Even if the relevant government ministries and committees are messing up, they can hardly be held accountable if they are in compliance with the Administrative Procedure Law. Misuse of public funds, even the prosecutors did not. In other words, if you don’t know how to do things, you can only suffer a loss, and it’s silly to pay eagerly to follow the rules.

Recall that every time when it comes to elections, the political parties list their political achievements and ignore the media issues. On the eve of the general election last year, the legislators of the KMT and the Democratic Party told reporters that “I will talk about it after the election for fear of affecting the election.” The result has changed a year. “Lost contact”, the call is not returned, and of course no one can be seen.

These are all frustrating and frustrating for the current Taiwanese government, as if in an anarchic country, it has to seek foreign aid on its own. Not only does it take more time to get in touch, it also requires more than three times the communication to facilitate understanding and hopefully get help. Even if there is a solution in hand, an ignorant and incompetent government is very capable of making people feel powerless; even if there are other countries that have launched similar solutions, the chaos in the mass media news media that is criticized by the whole people has turned into a global height Concerning the new issue, the Taiwanese government still doesn’t know what era it is in. It has also chosen to speak out to the world, emphasizing that “epidemic prevention is done well.” (Responsible editors: Cai Yunrong, Chen Yingying, Xie Yuyan, Xie Yiyan, TAIWAN-Johnny, Hong Jianting, Guan Stefani, Gu Chenlan, Ye Tengwei, LOS ANGELES-Johnny, Winnie, Chen Xiangjun Editing review: Ouge, the bad editor System: visual design group, audiovisual group, Los Angeles editorial center and cloud general affairs group)

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底層庶民哀歌 《少年阿堯》這款最辛酸

短片能夠躍上大銀幕放映,就不是一件容易的事情。《少年阿堯》(Growing Pains)去年於第40屆夏威夷國際影展(Hawaii International Film Festival, HIFF)奪下短片競賽單元「最佳男演員獎」,男主角陳以文演活了一個底層庶民的無奈日常,深受好評。這回在疫情二度威脅之下能夠在院線上映,也算是另一種商業模式嘗試。 不得不佩服台灣年輕導演林柏瑜拿自己的生命經驗改編,重述了童年父親驟然離去的陰影,透過故事裡一對父子詮釋改編過後的人生故事。故事裡開場讓我們看到主角阿堯是田徑隊成員,他人都穿著舒適的名牌慢跑鞋,只有他一個人穿破爛不堪的舊鞋。從起跑點看到這些鞋子特寫,不難發現導演想透露有人就是輸在起跑點,就算贏了終點線,更凸顯他所需要付出的努力代價可能是他人的數倍之多。 看陳以文角色詮釋就是一種享受,從《大佛普拉斯》、《同學麥娜絲》裡面的跋扈委員,《陽光普照》裡面總愛兒子耳提面命,自己卻毫無行動力的父親,或是《小美》裡面的打拳房東,他特別能抓到某種微妙的小人物日常,這回故事裡面詮釋落魄父親,為了躲債必須辛苦度日,開麵店勉強餬口,卻又把賺到的錢拿去買彩券。看到兒子穿那雙又髒又破的鞋子,縫縫補補,就讓兒子上場奔跑比賽。 鞋子當然是可以被看成腳踏實地的最重要根基,鞋子對兒子來說是奔跑利器,第一場戲看得出來,阿堯這個角色很能跑,卻被他的破鞋拖累。暗示了阿堯可能天賦優秀,卻很可能會被現實貧困拖下水,導致無法實現他的田徑夢。 而父親面對這麼迫切的鞋子,每天要穿的,走路哪能不需要鞋子?但父親覺得要買雙好鞋要好幾千元,寧可重複修補,也明知道這樣黏黏縫補鞋子不會穩固,卻還是想要省小錢,卻老是花大錢。每天買彩券,漫無目的地只想用彩券當成人生槓桿,可以一次發財,還完積欠許久的債務。 就是直到阿堯因為鞋子破掉而受傷,才願意真正幫兒子買鞋子,卻又因為信用卡怎麼刷都刷不過,兒子不想傷害父親尊嚴,最後選擇不買而離去。 這場戲沒有太多衝突,也刻意壓低父子兩人的張力。但明眼人都懂,兒子的傷心,父親的自尊,在這一刻達到壓力位。 兒子覺得不過就是一雙鞋子,父親為何不能買給他,卻老是要每天買那些沒有意義的彩券?父親覺得再忍耐一下,只要一張彩券能中獎就能翻身,一雙鞋子不過就是穿在腳上,能走路就好。但兒子需要的不只是走路,他不能老是穿一雙拖累自己節奏的鞋子,他無法奔跑,就無法證明自己的能耐。 《少年阿堯》的結局是很讓人心酸的,他不只是導演切身之痛,也是許多底層小老百姓的縮影。你覺得一雙鞋子幾千元沒什麼,但故事裡的父親只能花得起幾十元。你覺得不過就只是孩子的跑步比賽嘛,但孩子覺得那是他的尊嚴,以及才能能否被看見。雖然是短片,言簡意賅,點到為止,陳以文的表演仍讓人景仰,素人小將陳崇恩雖然青澀,但恰如其分。(責編:謝伊妍、蔡昀融、TW-Jonny 編審:陳香君、蕭文龍、壞編 圖片:車庫娛樂提供 後製:美編視覺設計組、洛杉磯編輯中心暨雲端庶務組)  

未來感包裝的過時意識形態 《緝魂》的恐同與厭女

【資深影評人│何瑞珠】 以國片的平均技術而言,《緝魂》應是近期中攝影和剪接品質最好的一部,可惜內容有些自相矛盾,編導疑似想藉由劇情一再大逆轉,引發觀眾嘖嘖稱驚奇的效果,但似乎瞎掰到外太空,太過離奇,讓人無法買帳。 不過,對我而言,這部電影最不可信的,不是異想天開的換腦情節,而是怎麼到了2030年,還有人要因為性傾向而被逼著躲在櫃子裏? 天啊,我們的同志平權法案到了2030年依舊不被認可嗎? 《緝魂》表面上有高科技外觀和超乎科學的想像力,但實際上整部電影的意識形態仍停留在上個世紀,因此一對同志愛侶仍認為自己要隱藏性傾向才有資格當上市公司老闆? 而男同志又要利用女人當煙霧彈,再次上演《誰先愛上他的》悲劇,要一個女人守活寡,只因為男同志需要婚姻當道具,因為劇中的男同志心術不正又自欺欺人,導致戲中的這座豪宅中只剩下愁雲慘霧和邪魔歪道,他賺大錢住豪宅是為了折磨自己?同時折磨別人嗎? 古斌演的王世聰因為是同性戀,所以對妻子冷淡可以理解,但為何他對兒子也事不關己?還想斬草除根? 只因為兒子不聽話就得被害死嗎?虎毒都還不食子,他是惡魔嗎?他的問題不是他的腦能不能換,而是他為何這麼邪惡?還毫無反省能力?害慘自己的妻兒卻沒有受良心譴責?他還是人嗎? 王世聰的妻子原本是科學家,能研究換腦科技想必是業界頂尖,但她甘願讓自己困在豪宅中,不願發揮自我,她的生命只能依附在男人身上嗎? 沒有男人就要玉石俱焚?她真的是科學家嗎?如果這部片的同志觀仍停留在八零年代,那這部片的女性應該還在清朝吧? 一個中國來的孤女簽下賣身契,就得任由台灣富豪宰割?怎麼中國到了2030年還沒脫貧啊? 導演把主戲給了張震和張鈞甯這對夫妻,張震為戲瘦身賣力投入角色,演技的確亮眼,但他演得是個已經罹癌,不久於人世的病患,發揮空間有限,真正能演技大爆發的角色應該是,孫安可演的李燕,李燕能有初來乍到的生澀,被王世聰上身後對當女人的躍躍欲試,甚至還有中邪,一下子演媽媽,一下子演爸爸等各種選擇,簡直是數種人格隨她選,但孫安可的鏡頭卻沒有張震多,相當可惜。 如果是外國電影,《丹麥女孩》在一百年前醫學還不發達的年代,都能動變性手術,但如果是國片,就算砸預算營造出未來感,十年後想變性的台灣富豪仍只能躲在豪宅裡,遮遮掩掩,虐妻害子,這部電影再怎麼有未來感,卻只讓人看到過時的恐同厭女情節。(責編:謝羽彥、陳盈盈、葉畀威 編審:陳香君、蕭文龍、壞編 圖片:威視電影提供 後製:美編視覺設計組、洛杉磯編輯中心暨雲端庶務組、歐葛)  
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